The Antlers

Author: Raul


The Antlers debut full length, Hospice, came out of 2 years of meticulous home recordings. Originally concieved as a solo project by front man Peter Silberman, the record establishes a balanced blend of ambient moods and fuzzy swells. The sound ultimately required a band to achieve, adding drummer Michael Lerner and multi-instrumentalist Darby Cicci to the permanent line-up.

On this sort-of-concept-record, Silberman’s songs cycle around common emotional themes of love and pain, expanding upon ideas he had previously explored on the earlier New York Hospitals EP. The album almost feels like it could have been a collaboration between Kevin Drew and Justin Vernon, though Silberman’s songs probably do a bit more tugging at the emotions throughout.

The Brooklyn band was accompanied by the lovely Holly Miranda–whose tunes sometimes reminded me of Moon Pix-era Cat Power–and Harrisonburg’s Shapiro.

While their sold out live show at DC9 last week filled the space with huge, lush tones, the guys in the Antlers took a few minutes ahead of their set to play a quiet song for us in the back room.


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