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It’s easy to hyperbolize and describe a highly active band as being the hardest working. But there is no exaggeration in stating that These United States are on their grind.

In addition to being constantly on the road, they’ve managed to put out 3 full-length albums in just over a year-and-a-half. Their latest record, Everything Touches Everything, drops today.

We’ve featured the boys here on AON a few times before — an interview before a show at Rock and Roll Hotel, a stream of a live show at IOTA last summer, and even during inauguration weekend — and it’s no secret we are big fans of their work.

Last night, we hung out with frontman and good friend Jesse Elliott at Big Bear for a bit. We caught up, shared some beers and rye. He played us a special mini-acoustic set of a couple of his favorite TUS songs and we’re so happy to be able to share that with you right now.

If you missed them at the Black Cat this past Saturday, it might be a bit before you can catch them again locally, as they head back out on the road this week. But enjoy this performance, and look forward to a session with the full band when they come back from the road.

One Comment

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