Sean McArdle

Author: Brandon

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Like a lot of DC artists, Sean McArdle has musical roots in a more aggressive post-punk sound. But his solo effort is a decidely more mellifluous affair.

With a classic folk sound that recalls Nick Drake at times and the gritty Americana of Towns Van Zandt, his warm voice and finger picking guitar style drive these quiet, lyrical tunes.

Sean is a familiar fixture to many in Washington, D.C.’s music scene. He’s shared the stage with the likes of Horse Feathers, Benjy Ferree, Dan Higgs (Lungfish), and Arrington di Dionyso (Old Time Relijun), as well as local favorites like Shortstack, Meredith Bragg, The Caribbean, & Kitty Hawk.

Earlier this summer, we had a chance to pin down Sean before he relocated to San Francisco, and got him to play a few of his songs for us.

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