Frodus ‘Escape Plan’

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Over the last few months, those of us who never had the opportunity to experience Frodus the first time around have gotten another chance. Sparked by a convergence of events (among them, a couple of reissues and an economic crisis that they might have predicted over a decade ago), the time seemed just right to regroup. Once again, they are bringing their signature blend of a melodic, mathy, post-hardcore assault to the masses.

Frontman Shelby Cinca, a sometime contributor to AON, and drummer Jason Hamacher took us through the Frodus story, from their humble beginnings in high school in Northern Virginia in the ’90s to their mythical existence amongst a generation that would only come to know them through the internet.

The band has since regrouped, having recruited bassist Liam Wilson from The Dillinger Escape Plan, and have played a handful of shows that have reminded dedicated fans of the void left behind in the 10 years of Frodus’ absence. An indelible impact marked by Frodus head tattoos on at least a few fans.

Cinca is moving to Sweden this month, a country that has been very kind to Frodus. Playing with bands like the Refused and Division of Laura Lee, releasing records on swedish labels, and playing multiple tours over the years, the country has become an adoptive home for the band.

But before he leaves, you’ll have one more chance to experience the band as they headline a final show at the Black Cat with The Van Pelt and Guiltmaker this Saturday, June 20.

Special thanks to Blacklab Films and Eric Hunsaker for providing us with the awesome live footage from Frodus’s first reunion show at Murky’s in Arlington, VA.

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  1. see you guys saturday!

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