Sad Crocodile

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As the creative mind behind Bad People Good Things, John Foster’s art has graced a diverse client list that ranges from indie outlets like Teenbeat Records and Subpop to corporate giants like Fox and Warner Brothers.

The author of numerous books on design, you might also recognize him as the the the man who helms the “Judging A Cover By It’s Cover” album art design column on Brightest Young Things.

Yet somehow he manages to make time for yet another creative project, Sad Crocodile. A couple of months back, the Crocodile held a month long residency at Solly’s. There, he and his sparse depresssing tunes shared the stage with stripped down incarnations of some of your favorite bands, such as Dan Deleted, John Thornley (U.S. Royalty), Jamie & Mike Greenland, and a few others.

Most recently, his tunes have found their way onto a triple CD/EP release featuring a handmade, limited edition design. The EPs, Waiting On The Baltimore Hustlers, Let Your Smile Be An Anchor, and Music For Ex-Painters are available directly from Mr. Foster at shows and through his site.

A couple of weeks back, Sad Crocodile spent a rainy, dreary Sunday afternoon playing some of his songs for us at the Hillyer Gallery in Dupont, during their Post Secret exhibit. A very special thanks goes out to the Hillyer, for opening their doors to us and allowing us to play some music.

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