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One of the more creative songwriters working out of DC right now is Britton Powell. His recently released The Phat Daughter String Quartet 12″ is a suite of 4 string-based compositions on the A-side, and features dubbed out mixes of the same songs on the flip.

Recorded and mixed with Hugh McElroy of Hand Fed Babies and Black Eyes, it stands out as one of the better releases of 2009.

His band Hume spent a pretty eventful afternoon with us one day this past winter to perform some of their tunes for us. Between nagging neighbors and a stolen wallet — all before we even started — we weren’t sure we would be able to pull it off.

Luckily it all came together finally, and we can share it with you today. Enjoy! Stream or download a podcast of the whole set below, and also check out their performance of “Wise Light Born” after the jump.


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