SXSW 2009 Diary Pt. 2 – The Wrap-Up

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Editor√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s Note: AON Contributor,√Ç Denman Anderson, has had an incredible time at SXSW this year. His four-day trek has taken him to see many familiar faces in Austin, mainly because DMV was in full effect this year. Below you will see Denman’s account of the historic reunion by AON contibutor, Shelby Cinca’s, Frodus (Brooklyn Vegan called it one of the major highlights of SXSW this year!), indie-electro luminaries Tittsworth, Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom, and the about-to-break-through-top-40 record label, Unruly Records (DJ Class with Kanyeezy?!!!). Hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

The Arrival

I hopped out of the airport, into a cab, over to my friend Kyle’s place, and then back into a cab to go to Silhouette’s for Do it to it, to go hang with Dave Nada, Jesse Tittsworth, and Matt Nordstrom among others. Of course, none of them were there yet, so we went into the mutual of Omaha’s wild kingdom in search of food. Kyle and I met up with Keller, who is also here from DC, and while getting vegan dogs from a street vendor, ended up eavesdropping on a Dinosaur Jr. show.

SXSW#2 from Denman C Anderson on Vimeo.

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Of course, meandering away from that site, we ran into Darkest Hour all over again, and hung out with them until it was time to go back to Do It To It, where Tittsworth was just getting crankin’. By the time Nadastrom took the decks, the roof was torn off, and it was like a DC party all over again.

SXSW#3 from Denman C Anderson on Vimeo.

Frodus Reunion Show

I thought everyone might be interested in seeing the first song from the Frodus reunion show at the Lovitt Records showcase. Plus, a little bonus footage.

SXSW#5 Frodus/Lovitt first day in Austin from Denman C Anderson on Vimeo.

SXSW#6 Frodus reunion show at Lovitt Records showcase from Denman C Anderson on Vimeo.

Unruly Records Showcase

The Unruly Records showcase, at Friend’s Bar, on Saturday night, was a total throwdown. When we got there, DJ Class was on the mic, and the crowd was starting to get active. Through the pumping fists, I was able to get a fairly good video of him crooning a couple of his new hits, old hits, and total bangers.

SXSW#7 DJ Class at the Unruly Records showcase from Denman C Anderson on Vimeo.

The red light informed me that my time with the Flip was short, so I tried to conserve enough to get some of the Nadastrom set. Unfortunately, this meant that I was not able to get any of the Blaqstarr set, where in, techical problems stopped the beats, and backed only by a live guitar, he plowed through a bunch of killer tracks, getting the crowd hyped despite the situation.

Finally Nadastrom got on, and it turned into a full scale disco-riot. The crowd went nuts, and since our hands were already up, we followed DJ Class’s advice, and just tore the fucking club up. This video does not begin to communicate the level of insanity that went down.

SXSW#8 Nadastrom at the Unruly Records showcase from Denman C Anderson on Vimeo.

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  1. lowitt looks kind of tired in the first vid.

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