SXSW 2009 Diary Part 1

Author: Denman

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Editor’s Note:Our good friend and AON contributor, Denman, is braving the Austin yearly madness known as SXSW. He will be twitterring, video documenting and blogging about his SXSW adventures. We wish we were there, of course, but I think we all can live vicariously through Denman in the following days.

O-K. So, I finally got out of DC, and on down to Texas today. For most of us, a layover is mandatory, and soon enough I found myself stuck in Houston for an hour. However, while walking down the terminal to my gate, my cognitive resources couldn’t help but focus in on a group of people coming my way. The planets aligned, and out of all the people to end up on a flight with, there were all the guys, from the DC area’s own, Darkest Hour. So, we exchanged facts and figures about SXSW, and in about half an hour we were there.√Ç

I hopped out of the airport, into a cab, over to my friend Kyle’s place, and then back into a cab to go to Silhouette’s for Do it to it, to go hang with Dave Nada, Jesse Tittsworth, and Matt Nordstrom among others. Of course, none of them were there yet, so went into the mutual of Omaha’s wild kingdom in search of food. Kyle and I met up with Keller, who is also here from DC, and while getting vegan dogs from a street vendor, ended up eavesdropping on a Dinosaur Jr. show.√Ç

Of course, meandering away from that site, we ran into Darkest Hour all over again, and hung out with them until it was time to go back to Do it to it, where Tittsworth was just getting crankin. By the time Nadastrom took the decks, the roof was torn off, and it was like a DC party all over again.Â

Not to let the party stop there, Josh Sisk showed up, and said that we should head over to the Fools Gold party. This was, apparently, the one step too many. By the time we got there, there was one of those unfortunate “club lines” outside, that looked like a bad LA traffic jam. After randomly spotting Steve Aoki , we gave up, and called it a night.

Now I’m trying to hammer this stuff out before dawn, as I’m leaving for breakfast, with Andee from aQ at 9:30!!!

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  1. Thanks for all your hard work, Denman!

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