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Upon first sight, Alex Clarke and Justin Rodermond of Fffever may look like they belong to a different era entirely. Perhaps they were born in the wrong decade, as much about them — including the unique energy they exude in their style and music — harkens back to the ’70s, an era where rock was unadulterated, raw, and adolescent.

Rounding out the three-piece is Aaron Baird on the drums — a paradox in his own right — a gentle giant with arms big as steamboats that have no trouble voraciously pounding through songs like “Socrates” or maintaining a slow, steady beat through mellower numbers like the appropriately-named “Amphetamines.” To me, comparing Fffever to adolescence fits for a number of reasons. For one, I’ve seen and heard the band grow from the “shitty recordings” on their MySpace to the tighter, fuller sound they’ve currently achieved.

Changing from a three-piece, to a two-piece briefly called “Football,” to a four-piece with Pree‘s Chris Dewitt on guitar, and now pared down to three members once again, it seems the band is finally out of its awkward phase, and they’ve improved without changing a thing or compromising their sound to cater to certain trends. Much of the music still evokes the swagger of Marc Bolan with the pop sensibilities of the Davies brothers or even — dare I say it — Pete Townshend. And that’s the best thing about these guys — they just keep on keepin’ on… and it just keeps getting better.


  1. snake wine or no, fffever is fun as shit. honestly, one of the best recording sessions in AON history. definitely the most entertaining.

  2. Steamboat armsenal and almost Keith Moon reference? Is this some kind of birthday gift?

  3. @victor: agreed. that day goes down in AON lore. there was a point where I was really worried we’d have to abort the session b/c of technical probs. but in the end it all worked out famously.

  4. Rox

    this is so yummy

  5. @radel yeah but we always punch through. thanks to Fffever for melting our faces off and possessing us with demonic spirits.

  6. JRD

    holy moly. sounding amazing. and i like what you’ve done with the place.

  7. looks/sounds great!

  8. never again to the snake wine… dear god.

  9. that’s what i said about snake wine the first time [rubs blind eyes]

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