Times New Viking

Author: Raul


Everyone talks about developments in technology democratizing the means of production for musicians, giving them access to hi-tech tools for relatively cheap. Columbus, Ohio’s Times New Viking would seem to agree, however by instead relying on classic technology.

Their brash, lo-fi sonic assault is recorded at home on a lo-tech 4-track. And even though they moved from Philly-based indie Siltbreeze to Matador for their latest record, Rip It Off, they still maintained their same DIY-recording techniques for these noisy but hook-laden pop tunes. As drummer and vocalist Adam Elliot puts it, “…these are our songs, so why shouldn’t we be the ones to control how they sound?”

The band talked to us a bit last time they were in town about the benefits of being isolated in the midwest, trying to avoid getting wrapped up in being sold as a hollow image, and how they are more way more Dada than Arcade Fire.

These guys play tonight at the Black Cat with Deerhunter. If you can check twitter election updates on your cellphone you should definitely check out this awesome show. But please, don’t forget to vote today!


  1. TNV were awesome just what DC needed a massive injection of noise, feedback and deathkillrock. Despite some sound/ microphone problems all three slayed the audience. You should be commended for featuring them here.

    DEERHUNTER also killed…………….

  2. i really envy people that went to this show and then came outside to be greeted with the streetlong pandemonium that was the celebration of the obama victory. seriously, a tnv/deerhunter show combined with such an historic night has got to go down as one of the best nights in someone’s life.

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