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The Kora Records recently celebrated the 4th anniversary of their first release by culling some notable performers from its impressive roster for an intimate show at DC9. Pree, who we interviewed pretty recently when they played an Obama benefit set the mood for the night, followed by the traveling songs of Meredith Bragg.

But of course, this night was special, so of course the label brought out the big guns. Fredrik, a Swedish, six-person gathering of sometimes-harsh, sometimes-soothing melodies, kicked off their first U.S. tour by headlining.

While Fredrik and Lindefelt — the same minds behind The LK — are no strangers to stateside shows, we sat down with the entire group and asked them about the creative process, Iris Piers’ haunting, tree-filled video for “11 Years,” and the underlying narrative behind their well-received debut album, Na Na Ni.

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