Yoko K. / Aphrodizia

Author: Raul

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In an era of mashups and forced juxtapositions, bands and artists commonly try to label their sound with some impossible mix of conflicting genres and fleeting literary references. Yoko K.’s music seems to find a natural balance amongst dualities, forming what she describes as “organic electronica.” Her sound implies warm blood flowing through electronic circuitry.

With ambient textures that at times recall Steve Reich compositions, her ethereal melodies envelope a listener into a haunting comfort. Yoko’s sound fits well both in art gallery and club settings, either solo as an experimentalist or accompanied by her band. And in addition to her own work, she has managed collaborations with DC mainstays such as Jerry Busher and James Canty as part of Rob Garza’s (of Thievery Corporation) solo outing, Dust Galaxy.

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