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This weekend marks the opening of Irvine Contemporary‘s latest show, Regime Change√Ç Starts At Home. Irvine brings together 3 artists working in various mediums, each making a political statement through their art. Most should be familiar with Shepard Fairey‘s iconic stencil work, particularly his recent portrait of Obama which has gained a national ubiquity.√Ç

Al Farrow ‘s work consists of recontextualizing weaponry, glass, and human bone amongst other materials, to create accurate scale replicas of houses of worship and a commentary on the “militarism embedded in the histories of the three major religions.”√Ç

DJ Spooky rose to prominence through his production and DJ work, but has emerged as a multimedia artist and scholar. We met up with him earlier this year when he was in town to promote his film project, New York Is Now, just before he was to give a talk at the National Portrait Gallery. He gave us a bit of background on the piece, his inspiration, the process of mining the archives, and spoke to us about his idea of the “city as an operating system.”√Ç

Spooky’s latest multimedia project, Manifesto for the People’s Republic of Antartica, will have its premiere screening at Irvine Contemporary. For his latest work, Spooky took archival antarctic exploration footage. He then remixed the footage with his own soundtrack to create a political and environmental commentary on the great white southern expanse.

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  1. New York is Now; DC is Next.

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