The Laughing Man

Author: Raul


Many DC musicians and artists have looked to Philadelphia as a potential spot for relocation. With spaces in this city amenable to creatives becoming scarcer every day, Philadelphia seems to have more options for affordable space to spread out and make some noise. You don’t often hear of migration in the opposite direction, but The Laughing Man are an example of just that. They’ve found themselves here in D.C., launching what seems to be one of the best-kept secrets in our fair city.

Their sparse, bluesy, indie sound offers up something that stands apart from other acts in these parts. With a sound that at times recalls the bedroom soul of Cody Chestnutt (minus the shitty lyrics, of course) and Devendra Banhart’s Tyrannosaurus Rex blues-folk, we expect that you will soon be hearing much more from these guys.

We’ve got an interview coming up with them soon, but for now, have a listen and watch the AON sessions, which brings you an intimate performance with the band. Keep an eye out for that signature pink fuzzy Fender twin reverb, as intimately comfy and cozy as their songs.

You can check them out tonight at Dahlak with Caverns and Cannot Be Stopped.


  1. that was fun. :)

  2. really great session. looking forward to the next one.

  3. yeah this was a fun time all around, i’m pretty excited for this series!

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