PWRFL Power at the Hosiery

Author: Jian


PWRFL Power just wants to be “a cupcake of the current music scene,” at least that’s what he told Zac Pennington of Parenthetical Girls in a recent interview.

AON sat down with the man behind the name, Kaz Nomura, when he tumbled through town to play at the Hosiery, along with other acts like Winston Carmichael, Sweet Teeth, and Kitty Hawk, and treated him to a half-dozen Georgetown Cupcakes.

While the space has hosted its fair share of parties, this evening was refreshingly chill.

Currently, Kaz is finishing up a few shows in the east before heading out west, where the Seattle-native will be a bit closer to his former home (Kaz moved to Brooklyn recently).


  1. Holy hell this guy is great. Reminds of early of montreal — old people in the cemetery comes to mind. Just itunes’d his album. “Cat song” is my favorite so far. Thanks for the excellent interview.

  2. ME!

    i think we might be the same person. i mean, i pretty much only like cupcakes for dinner.

    vegetables are a myth anyway.

  3. Wow, this dood is great!

  4. yumikoko

    i love the video! lots of good footage…and how nice of you to bring him cupcakes!!!

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