My Bloody Heart’s On Fire

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Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Triobelisk/Celestronica Remix)

Last Thursdays at Marquis gets to be a bit fun for me, Triobelisk, and Outputmessage. We get to try out some new tunes we’ve been working on for the dancefloor, and this past Thursday was no exception. Right before his set, much like a kid who couldn’t contain a secret that he had been holding far too long, Triobelisk grinned and told me that he had a new tune. He and Celestronica (Modular/857 Collective) have recently worked on a Cut Copy remix together. But here’s the kicker, it’s done in the style of My Bloody Valentine! During his days in Frodus, he wrote a song called “The Earth Isn’t Humming.” He paid homage to MBV during the outro. Now nearly nine years later, he sampled himself to create a new tune. Here’s what he had to say about the track:

(The song was) created in Ableton Live with an array of outboard analog signal processors located in copper pyramids deep in the complex of Triobelisk’s secret lair with Celestronica’s hologram image being transmitted inside of a perfect orb. Celestronica conducted and assisted in sample direction and controlled the mind of Triobelisk while he half-consciously adjusted nuances with the voice of Celestronica taking up half of his brain, as fragments of ‘Interview With The Vampire’ and ‘American Psycho’ filled her affinity.

Triobelisk’s pal and bandmate Stephen Guidry (members of steampunky The Cassettes) made an accompanying video remix as well.

Incidentally, Triobelisk and I are fixin’ to bombard everybody with some A.D.D. sets this Saturday, July 5, along with our friend, Autorock, during his Mass Appeal monthly at Rock and Roll Hotel. DJ Milk will be spinning upstairs. Also VJ Speed Powek will be down from New York City to provide us with visuals!

Also for Saturday, my other band, Metropolitan, will be playing a farewell/hiatus set of sorts. Our bassist, Shyam, will be moving to Chicago soon. Unfortunately, I had already been booked for Mass Appeal weeks prior to the Black Cat gig, so I won’t be able to join them on this one. But, John Masters got tapped by “The Onion” to discuss the gig, and relayed details about the life of the band over the past few years. As of late, the band’s been hard at work in trying to finish up the upcoming record, and this show will be a good preview to the new tunes. Metropolitan will be joined by Baltimore’s buzzy Wye Oak (Merge Records), DC’s Bellflur, and former Fake Accents turned The Face Accidents.

One Comment

  1. Rock meets remix-ology. Cool that all the genres are crossing over and that you guys have yr hands full with all of it ;-)

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