Bliss Pop Sat./Nouveau @ FIVE.

Author: Raul


Bliss Pop has crept back upon us ever so quickly; this Saturday, June 21st to be exact. Will has rounded up headliner Pat Mahoney (LCD Soundsystem) for a guest DJ set with the Dance Party opening things up. Now, if you’ve been to Bliss Pop at 9:30, then you have an idea of what kind of wildness to expect. Last month, in addition to Will’s own explosive set, we enjoyed some wild sets by MSTRKRFT and hometown heroes the Nouveau Riche DJs.

Last Bliss, Nouveau Riche had just finished winding down their final party at DC9 just a few days before, and we caught up with Gavin backstage at 930 to talk a little bit about things to come, including their upgrade to Club 5 coming up on June 28.

You can also catch a glimpse of our host, Will Eastman DJing to the packed floor at the 930 Club. And if you haven’t already, catch him chatting up last months guest, MSTRKRFT, on our previous Bliss Pop video, which acts as part I to this one.


  1. i have a question for gavin holland, and its a simple yes or no:

    Gavin, if you are faced with a sandwich platter that is without utensils with which to apply mayo or mustard…does Gavin Holland use his finger?

    Gavin is so SASSY.

  2. lauren

    gavin is fancy.

    awws look at bbj!

  3. Hezly

    jeff duke at club 5 needs to book johnny the boy

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