Time Machine

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Time Machine spent some time in DC during their early years, but are currently doing their thing in Los Angeles. They’re just wrapping a up tour to support their latest album, Life is Expensive, which came out on May 20. These guys have always been able to get the crowd moving with their hyperactive stage presence. Their performances include a certain something that has been absent from the typical mean mugging rapper’s repertoire since the early 90′s. And I don’t mean back up dancers, but Time Machine actually look like they’re having a good time as they spit their verses, alternating lines and playing hypeman to each other. And when they start to dance on stage they seem to be telling the audience that they shouldn’t feel so self conscious: If you feel like dancing, you need to dance.

While they’ve always been playful, people familiar with their earlier work will find their new material pushes that fun aspect even more. Blurring the line between crowd and stage, this time they are packing beats to set the party off for real. And you can’t feel too shy about dancing when the whole room is moving in a big hot sweaty mess.

We caught up with Time Machine when they came through DC, and sat down with them to talk about the album and the tour.

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