The Groove That Just Won't Stop

Author: Jian

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When Time Machine first dropped “Slow Your Roll” in 2004, many fans of throwback hip-hop sang the group’s praises; penning innovative songs like “Spelling Bee” and “Personal Ads (featuring Romen Rok),” the trio of Jayson, Comel, and DJ Mekalek hustled and flowed their way to the top of many “best of 2004″ hip-hop charts.

Their newer album goes back to the future with a decidedly more electronic and dancey sound. The BPMs are faster, the lyrics more tongue-in-cheek, and the party? They bring it with them. Currently on tour promoting their latest release, Life is Expensive, (which just dropped today) here’s the stop-motion video for “The Groove That Just Won’t Stop,” and if that doesn’t make you feel like dancing, you better check your pulse.

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